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From fishing the pristine shallow flats of beautiful Tampa Bay to the deep blue waters of the WORLD FAMOUS Boca Grande pass Captain Art Paiva has fished for snook, tarpon, redfish, cobia, grouper, trout, sharks, and caught them all.

Captain Art is of Portuguese descent and fishing is in his veins, so come on and take advantage of his lifetime of knowledge and 30+ years experience of fishing Tampa Bay and see for yourself why he is so highly regarded by his repeat clientele.

A Florida visit would not be complete without a guided fishing charter with Captain Art Paiva!


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Just wanted to share an event that happened to me today on the last day of 2016 Snook Season. I was on the water with my beautiful wife Cindy trying to snag one last opportunity for her to catch a slot Snook. We were in a favorite spot in little cockroach bay where I scouted yesterday and knew there were some extra extra large Snook living there, we had managed to boat 3 Snook between 27 & 27 3/4" waiting for the last hour of the incoming tide. I was chumming using some 3 to 5" threadfins & pilchards when I saw from the depths a massive heaving boil in the water and I made a perfect hula hoop cast and POW!!! I'm hooked up, the line sizzled through the water 30 yards before the drag kicked in, I knew I had hooked a massive ruskin rocket! And was in for a serious battle, this Snook half spooled me in 15 seconds and jumped into the air and to my spectators astonishment I saw a (people who know me know how precise my estimating abilities are) once in my life time a 50 to 60" Snook airborne the largest Snook I have ever hooked, and I am in the 50" Snook club and then it attempted to leap out of the water again and it's body was only halfway out of the water and it led me to believe it was in the upper 50" slot, instinctively experienced I leaped into the water (waist deep mind you) and took off on foot to reel this trophy fish in, I battled it for what seemed like an eternity, as I got closer to the fishes area or so I thought, there was a big clump of sea grass on the line, while I was busy clearing the boogergrass of my line the monster Snook made one last ditch effort towards the oyster riddled mangrove roots and managed to become tangled up, I used the downward rod tip move and got her out, but she was to big for me to hold, she made one more desperation run back into the mangroves and was entangled good, by now this old timer was 6' away and out of breath, I was so close now I can't miss, she made a tremendous thrashing, broke my leader as I managed to grab at her tail as she splashed me and with all she had got away. I was upset at first caught my breath went back to the boat with a partial videotape of me running after her, disappointed in not catching the great fish, my wife reminded me of how much fun that was and to thank Jesus for the experience. So to all that read this remember, it's not the fish in the fight but the fight in the fish! My hats off to this Giant Snook because it is not very often Snooky Bear gets schooled by a fish, hats off my friend hats off! Till we meet again.....

David Rhimes with a fat 29" Snook. 1 bait 1 Snook in my secret honey hole! Everybody try's to follow me but today I was incognito! 👅

Jake Nate and Jaden tore the snook redfish and trout up today. Happy birthday Nate


The best fishing experience I've ever had! Always a good time!!

Jose A.

Excellent trip. Snooky knows where to go and how to catch them. Highly recommend !!!

Maria F.

Snooky Bear took me and my boy out today for our first charter.... Worth every penny! Thanks for a great time!

Beth S.

Great guide, fun to fish with and very informative. He not only puts you on the fish but makes you a better fisherman!
Highly recommended.

John T.